How Mat Leave Prepped Me For Social Distancing During COVID-19

Ladies, I ask you. Have you thought about "social distancing" and "self isolation" and how it reminds you of maternity leave?

I have. I've thought about this so much that my anxiety spiked through the roof which has lead me to sharing this.

I started my mat leave in January 2019 - and to all of you out there who have had mat leave in the winter, YIKES. Am I right? Enter the relation between the two here. When I was on mat leave, with NO prior baby experience, I felt the most alone and isolated that I've been. Scared. Afraid. Alone. Constant worry. Trying to find answers, but google isn't a doctor or therapist. Among other emotions on top of not sleeping and feeling like my marriage was ending (but that's another story).

During this time, I made it my mission to not feel sorry for myself and do all of the damn things on my own. To not reach out for others to join because lets be real, just because you're on mat leave, others are still working on a Tuesday when you want to go out and do something. And Susan isn't going to come over for coffee all of the time because she has a life and family of her own. And that is okay! What I'm getting at is I got VERY good at being alone and doing things independently and I know there are so many other women out there that have been in the same boat. Figuring out this human, figuring out this new role, figuring out how to take care of my home (which I'm now pretty damn handy ;) ) all on my own, one day at a time. And that is no different than right now by learning and doing things one day at a time.

  • Give yourself grace.

  • Know that you are NOT alone here.

  • Find gratitude in the smallest things every day.

  • Find the joys in being home with your family during this time, even if today your kid is a cranky asshole and tomorrow she's an angel. Squeeze her, embrace her, and take it all in.

  • Play, create, dance and sing. And an obvious - Workout. (Fit From Home Challenge starts April 1)

  • Learn something new, or read a book.

  • Take a long hot bath, paint your nails, face mask, etc..

  • Video chat with family & friends.

Whether you are on mat leave or are feeling alone right now during this time, you are NOT alone. I found peace by being alone and even though it wasn't easy, I am finding the gratitude in every day that I get to spend with my little.

And for all of the MilSpouses out there who experience social isolation, whether you're on mat leave or not on the daily.. I am sending you so much love and appreciation for what you do EVERY DAMN DAY. You are the real MVP's and until I was thrown in the position of motherhood I had no idea what you go through. <3

Thank you for taking the time to read!

Much love,


GRL Fitness

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