Do You Think of Food as "Good or Bad"?

Are you guilty of this?

Although we sit in that mentality without realizing its consequences we rob ourselves of the educational point. Not only is this something we can work on mentally, but changing the perspective alone brings great benefits.

So what if we used the words "fuel" and "filler" instead?

Do you still think of these foods negatively and judge them, or do you simply aknowledge them for what they truly are - FOOD.


When we first get the feeling of hunger its a good starting point to think of what it is we truly want to consume. Once we've decided what that is, ask yourself, is this fuel?

Meaning, does this food offer me nutritional value?


Secondly, we have the filler. If you asked yourself the questions above and didn't get the answer of fuel, then you are left with filler.

These foods are the highly processed, eg. fast foods, candy, snacks and treats. They aren't "bad", they are simply of lesser value to your progress and ultimately, optimal health.

The foods you've chosen as fuel and those chosen as fillers are neither "good" nor "bad". We are simply becoming aware of the value that each provide in a less destructive way. Removing the feelings of being bad for having eaten a filler. You aren't BAD, you are human.

They say a calorie is a calorie, and although that is tr

ue, it depends on WHERE we get these calories and what other nutritional value comes with it. You can eat 1000 calories in one meal from fast food with very little to no value, and that looks very differently when you compare it to the healthier options.

Lastly, don't beat yourself up for being human and enjoying the treats from time to time, in moderation. Simply entertaining the cravings is better than over indulging and bingeing later on and then being in a cycle of guilt.

If you are struggling with your eating habits and mental resilience there could be more at play here than just how you think of food. This is something that I'd highly recommend reaching out to seek assistance.

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