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reset & revive


The R&R You've Needed All Along

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the problem

You are a busy professional who feels like their health has taken a back seat to the grind of your daily hustle and bustle, making you feel like you've lost control over your health. This has affected your daily performance at work and home life, impacting your sleep, mood, energy, and eating habits.

You know it's an issue, but you feel over whelmed by your daily schedule that you don't know where or how to reset. You're in the right place. 

sound like you?

the solution

Resetting your daily actions and habits beginning with being 1% better every day.

With support, accountability, no bullshit and a little push, you will be back in the drivers seat of your health.

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If you're ready, so are we.

this is for someone who..

  • Is ready to regain strength, confidence and life in your being by resetting your daily actions and thoughts - in other words “raising the fucking bar”. 

  • Wants more than just a “weight loss” journey, you want the whole package and you want lifelong SUSTAINABLE results 

  • Is decisive, independent and goal oriented, but you need that extra push and accountability of a coach/group, but you don’t need hand holding

  • Wants to take control of their health and wellbeing 

  • Is ready to put in the work and get shit done, because enough is enough and you have no more time to waste 

  • Is tired of accepting mediocre and wants to raise the standard in your life 

  • Is ready to be better, beginning with 1% EVERY. DAY.

we need to be honest though,
this is not for you if..

  • You need a babysitter or hand holder

  • You aren’t committed and sign up for something new every week and expect results overnight 

  • You think this will be easy every day

  • You are solely looking for a quick fix

if the above doesn't apply to you:

WHATs included

reset & revive

  • Small group setting for support/accountability

  • Weekly session chatting different topics/Q&As

  • 1 1:1 coaching session per month/person 

  • 12 week movement program in our app (Revive 2.0)

  • Resilience mindset workbook

  • Initial consultation + lifestyle analysis

Investment: 999 in full

payment plans avail: 3&6 month

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Are you ready to transform?

I am looking for clients who are ready and seriously committed to making changes to reach their goals.

If this is you, please fill out the application below.

*Upon completing the application form, I will reach out to book a consultation call to further discuss your goals and ensure that we are a good fit.

Apply Here

Thank you for taking the time to fill out our 1:1 application. I only work with clients who are seriously committed to making lifestyle changes and are ready. 

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