Your Body Is Not Amazon Prime

If your goal involves losing fat and "toning up" or getting a handle on your nutrition... You won't find a quick two-day delivery method of results. I mean, if you want to be realistic and healthy about it then you won't anyways.

It comes with no surprise that so many people are okay with rushing the process by means of a quick fix by taking pills, drinking some weird powdered drink or tea and whatever else to get results.

Let me be clear. THIS IS NOT OKAY. The products that promise you these things are A) unhealthy, and B) if they sound too good to be true it's likely that they are. If you want results you have to PUT IN THE WORK and watch what you eat. That doesn't mean not eating the foods you like, it means being aware of what you are fueling your body with and learning how to choose better options more often.

Quit spending your money on these products and start investing in actual HEALTH.

Consistent overall care of your body will deliver you the results that you are searching for but you have to work for it.

Invest in yourself. Seek out trainers that will work with your goals, consultations are usually free and once you tell a trainer what your goals are they will be able to tell you if what they offer will benefit you. If at any point you do not like what they offer, simply thank them for their time and continue searching for a trainer. Many trainers vary in price range and there are very good reasons for that. Your health is not a reason to go "bargain shopping" for a trainer. In order to be open to the change you must open your mind and invest in the process if you truly are committed.

Effective Process:

1. Make a goal.

2. Break down the goal into small achievable steps that can be done on a weekly basis.

3. Record or journal your progress to see how you've been spending your time and where your priorities are. Record how you feel with the process and be sure to be completely honest with yourself.

4. Create habits of these smaller goals.

5. Continuously complete the smaller steps (short term goals) to acheive your ultimate goal (long-term).


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