Top 10 Reasons Why You're Failing Your Fitness Goal

In no particular order these are the top 10 reasons why so many fail at their fitness goal. You may be guilty of 2 or all 10. There is no shame. You just may need a helping hand in understanding fitness and nutrition and that is okay.

#1 Your goal is unrealistic off the start. Example: you want to lose X amount of lbs in too short of a time period.

#2 You Give into quick fixes , fad diet, teas, belly wraps because you want results now without having to actually work for them.

#3 and because of #2 you have done more harm than good by yo-yo dieting and trying every tea/pill on the market. Resulting in it taking more work to achieve your goal in the end.

#4 Lack of support from family, friends or partner. Although having support is great, you need to be committed to your goal on a personal level becasuse they cannot achieve it for you. Don't do this for anyone but yourself.

#5 Lack of self discipline. That means telling yourself that eating in moderation is key, but eating the entire tray of cookies is not no matter what you tell yourself.

#6 You are impatient. You expect the results right now and will do anything to get them. Your health and goals should be a lifestyle change, a journey that will be sustainable for years to come. Don't focus on the end goal (achieving), rather focus on what you can do now in the short term.

#7 You are labelling your goal as "weight loss" and not as fat loss, muscle building or learning healthier habits. Therefore, you don't really understand what changes you need to make in order to achieve your goal because you don't understand the difference in the three.

#8 Your relationship with food is jaded. You label foods as "bad" and "good" because that's what you read somewhere, yet you don't actually understand or know the importance of not cutting any food groups.

#9 You aren't open to actual change. You know you need to make changes whether that's losing fat or creating healthier habits but you aren't open to making yourself a priority and investing in yourself. You may have tried many times before and didn't get the results you wanted so you are close minded to do the process the right way.

#10 You don't want to "look manly" if you lift anything bigger than the pink 5lb dumbbell. Trust me when I say this - You will NOT look manly for lifting heavier than 5lbs. If you want to "tone up" you need to actually lift something. How you build muscle depends on your consistent training and food choices. Ladies, building muscle is what gives your legs that defined look, arms the cuts around your bicep and tricep, and the curves to your waist line. Muscles are good. Plus, lifting helps burn more calories throughout the day after a workout.

Now, how many of these are you guilty of? What are you doing differently to avoid making these?


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