Rest & Recovery

Updated: Dec 3, 2021


I see you out there, putting in the work in the gym, then going about your day. Come tomorrow, your body aches and you're sore.

But what I'm not seeing? BASICS when it comes to aiding in rest and recovery.

Are you guilty of walking into the gym, cold, and just hopping right over to the dumbbell rack, lift, lift then leave?


What your workout NEEDS and other things you should start doing to aid in rest & recovery:

-> Warming up - at minimum before you begin your workout warm up your body for 10 minutes

-> Cool-down and stretching - at minimum 10 minutes of walking (low intensity) and stretching from the top of your body to the tip of your toes.

-> Avoid working the same muscle group back to back. Give at least 48-72 hours between.

-> H20 - Hydrating with water throughout the day!

-> Nutrition - whole foods and protein. Meal prep in advance if you must. -> SLEEP - get at east 8 hours of sleep a night

-> Stress Management

When we are asking a lot of our bodies, we are causing the body to be stressed. Rest, recovery, refuelling and refreshing is the only way to balance ourselves so that we are ready to go again when we need to. Its easy to push ourselves hard and overlook the small things, but rest and recovery is just as important as the hard work.


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