Minimalist Living - Decluttering More Than Your Home

You've probably heard it a lot - minimalist living. But have you actually thought about what your life would be life if you lived a minimalist lifestyle?

There are many reasons to want to live a more minimalist lifestyle and thus begins the decluttering of your home. What most people call "spring cleaning", living minimally means that you are more aware of what comes in and what goes out of your household. More importantly, this means you are aware of the things that will not benefit you, and you are aware of the things that you may currently have that no longer serve a purpose to you or your household. Minimalism is more than decluttering, but changing our relationship with "stuff".

As I think decluttering the home is an important step to clearing the mind and focusing on the more important things, I also feel that decluttering the mind is where it all begins. That's right - it begins with your mindset, your attitude, your vision, goals and more. If you are truly embracing the journey of becoming a minimalist then you are already making subtle changes to your daily lifestyle that will ultimately alter your viewpoint. The point isn't to be frugal meaning cheap and buying under quality to save a few nickels. The point is to really know the difference between something you need or something or just want it.

Ultimately, making this mindset change will benefit you to:

  • Focus more on experiences, not physical things.

  • Disconnect more from technology - Cutting out distractions by having limits.

  • Do more of the things that you love and not being afraid to say no to things that you don't want to invest time in or don't value.

  • Be more mindful. Live in the moment by focusing on seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting and just being in that moment. Stop multi-tasking.

  • Owning less, not purging more. Acknowledging that difference.

Are you already living a minimalist lifestyle? If so, comment and let us know your tips and go-to's!



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