When They Tell You You Can't .. You Have To

For as long as I can remember people were always saying "you can't do that", "you'll never be able to do the job you're working for". etc etc... We've all heard these comments at some point in our lives. And if you haven't.. then you haven't worked your ass off or you aren't chasing your dream or passion that truly lights something inside of you every morning enough to scare the shit out of you.

My journey, like most, did not start with rainbows and butterflies or people always patting me on the back and showing me the way. I had to not only tread a trail less travelled, but go back and pave it to ensure I was sticking to how far I had come and not give in to the negativity that people were throwing at me. Because at the end of the day you have two options: push the comments to the side and continue to bust your ass every day using the shit talk as fuel, or give in & give up.

Two words that don't go together in my vocabulary.. "GIVE UP".

Remind me again why you aren't making your life better? The only person who can change things in your life is yourself. You are the person who makes the decisions (after all you are an adult... right?). So how come you don't do that?

No matter what you want to achieve in life, there will always be people or a person who may always seem to be standing in front of you trying to block you from walking through the door. But why let them? Push through with determination and confidence, because no one can decide that you can't do something other than you. YOU ARE STRONG enough to do whatever you set your mind to - so WORK towards what you want most in life. Whether that be that dream job, or the dream house, or that new car... you have to WORK for it by staying focused and letting your inner fire drive you every day to continue.

No matter what, DO IT because YOU CAN.

Here are 8 quick tips in case you get lost along the way: 1. Remember why you're doing this & how good you will feel for sticking to your goal and achieving it.

2. Remind yourself that Yes, you can do this even if you struggle along the way. That is okay.

3. Failure is not a destination, but rather a stepping stone.

4. Ask for help if you need to.

5. Write things down - start a journal on how the process of achieving your goal makes you feel.

6. Use a planner - write down the important timings and meetings

7. Create a plan. Record the small steps that you are taking in order to achieve your goal.




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