Why Water Is The Secret Ingredient

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

We all know drinking water is important, even if its boring, but how important is it? Lets take a look at some functions of water, how to consume more and how to check if you are hydrated enough. For many, now couldn't be a better time to start drinking more - trust us, your body will thank you!

As our body weight consists of approximately 60% water, there are many reasons why drinking enough water daily is important for bodily functions.

1. Functions

These important functions include, but are not limited to:

- the transportation of bodily fluids

- hydration

- temperature regulation

- lubrication ; creating saliva to swallow dry foods

- aids in the removal of waste

+ more.

2. Consume More

If you find it hard to consume the recommended 30 ml of water per kg of bodyweight per day, consider the following:

- calculate how much water you should be consuming daily

- skip the flavouring products and try infusing with lemons, limes or cucumbers

- keep your water bottle with you and top it up throughout the day

- track your water consumption OR get a water bottle that tracks your water consumption

- skip the soda

- eat foods throughout the day that contain water

- if you're exercising or are ill, make sure to replenish lost water

- drink 1 full glass of water before each meal - sometimes we think we are hungry when we are actually thirsty. Know the difference.

- drinking more water decreases the amount that the body retains, drink up!

3. Check for Hydration

We all have heard the saying, if you're not sure if you are hydrated enough - look at your pee. Your pee will tell you if you need to drink more water by the colour. Clear to a light yellow is good, dark yellow is not.

Some other signs of dehydration include headaches, urinating less often, dizziness, fatigue, diarrhea and vomiting.

As humans can survive several days without food, we can only survive a few days without water. Calculate how much water you need daily and stay hydrated, no matter the season.

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