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How It Started:

An injury at a young age led to the discovery of a health concern that threatened my dream of ever joining the military. However, instead of merely accepting it, it compelled me to strengthening my physical body to alleviate the pain and further issue with my lower back. I began to train with perseverance and pushed my limitations without breaking myself, so I could apply because there was no way in hell I was giving up.

This mindset and hard work, is what led me to successfully working in both firefighting and the military. Being in these fields also raised a red flag with the importance of overall mental health. Ultimately leading to continue education in resiliency and nutrition in order to help others, because I firmly believe they go hand in hand. 


How It's Going:

The journey to working in both fields has taught me that mindset is the #1 driving force behind whether or not you accomplish your goals. This is now implemented throughout OPYOU by focusing

on bio-individuality and mindset + nutrition coaching FIRST. You can't hit your major fitness or wellness goals (whatever they may be) if you don't first focus on the core fundamentals. 


My main motivators are others who practice determination, hard work and who don't take no for an answer. 


Personal Training Specialist, CFP

Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Coach, CFP

Nutrition Coach, Pn Lv1

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